Fit Society and Xendurance – A Partnership fueled by Performance

Fit Society is pleased to announce our Official Partnership with Xendurance commencing September 2017. We are beyond excited to bring to our community a clinically proven product line specifically tailored for active and performance centered individuals. The time has come for our members and clients to experience the results that Xendurance products have been giving elite athletes, pro-athletes and “weekend warriors” around the world in training and life for over a decade.

As a member of our fitness family, you’ll come to learn more about Xendurance in the coming weeks. For now know that we have partnered with a company that has created scientifically based product formulas that contain the purest, most bioavailable ingredients and deliver them into the body where they can be properly absorbed. Xendurance is well known in the supplement industry to be among the best of the best.

You’ll appreciate the fact the Xendurance product line is streamlined and purpose driven. Most importantly, the products are clinically proven to work. For example, the flagship product called Extreme Endurance is like no other product in the world. It has multiple published, Gold Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical studies that have concluded that Extreme Endurance significantly reduces muscle damage, muscle trauma, muscle soreness, muscle burn, CK levels, lactic acid, and oxidative stress. In turn, individuals taking Extreme Endurance and any other Xendurance products have benefited from an increase in recovery time, performance, and have realized significant results.

The purity, potency, and delivery of the Xendurance products are second to none and are manufactured in facilities that are NSF International Certified, (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice Registered and Certified ISO/17025 drug-free.

In summary, the rationale for partnering with Xendurance is simple. We want to provide a convenient on-site, clinically proven product line, specifically tailored for our community of active and performance centered individuals. Stay tuned for product unveiling, sampling, and education in the weeks to come!

In Health,
The Fit Society Team