Kids should have fun too!

You work out, sweat, jump, lift, pull, push, and run, while your kids get to watch you from “the cage,” aka – the kid’s area.  You may not think they are watching…but they certainly are.  They come with you to Fit Society, day after day and they watch.  They learn, and they look up to you.

When my oldest (now 4) started coming to the gym with me, she was only 9 months old.  She sat in the pack n’ play or the jumper toward the back of class while the rest of us worked out.  She watched…and waited.  It wasn’t long before I noticed that she learned how to do a burpee without us teaching her.  She learned through pure osmosis.  Soon after that, she was trying to sling kettlebells and jump off boxes.  She wanted to have all the fun we were having!

Your kids deserve to play…in fact – they want to play, JUST like you.  Your 4-6 year olds and your 7-12 year olds now have the opportunity to come play with 3 1 week session that have designed classes just for them.

  • The younger kids (4-6) classes will be more games and relay based, where bodyweight and gymnastics types of movements and fun will be the focus. They won’t even know it’s a work out.
  • The older kids (7-12) will experience similar games with the same fun, but with larger objects like medicine balls, kettlebells, and barbell type of movements.

The two groups are based around fun, healthy competitive games, and safe movement patterns.  This is where a healthy association of fitness begins and can last a lifetime.  This is where they get to pretend to be just like you, while building a love for fitness and I’m excited to be a part of that!  See you at Camp!

Head FS Kids Coach,

Fit Society Summer Kids Camps
(3) 1 Week Session Dates to choose from:

  • Monday, June 11th – Thursday, June 14th
  • Monday, July 9th – Thursday, July 12th
  • Monday, July 16th – Thursday, July 19th

9:30-10:00a | 4-6 year olds | Members – $50 for the week (Non-Members – $60), $15 Drop-in

10:00-12:00p | 7-12 year olds | Members – $125 for the week (Non-Members – $150), $40 Drop-in

*All sessions capped at first 10 kids