Jacqui Hanford has been with Fit Society since October 2011 and has been in fitness since 2008. She has her Personal Training Certification, her Kickboxing Certification, and her Group Fitness Certification with AFAA. She loves the thrill of teaching different exercise techniques including interval training, power drills, plyometrics, and balance. She has additional training on the BOSU Ball, in Senior Fitness, and PiYO, (a pilates/yoga program), and is FMS Certified.

Jacqui is the mother of two very active boys, and is always teaching them how to make better lifestyle choices and how to incorporate healthier eating habits into their life. She believes that food should be wholesome and delicious and has chosen to also be a representative for Clif Bar Company, whose philosophy is “Sustaining People in Motion”. She has always been interested in health and fitness as well as educating and empowering women.