Women’s Only Bootcamp Coach

Jessie will be the first to tell you that she never imagined she would be a fitness instructor, as she struggled with her weight and body image since adolescence.  She grew up in rural Pennsylvania, playing soccer and competing in her high school colorguard. However, her activity level dwindled upon starting college. While at NAU, Jessie met her now husband, Alex. They got married and moved to the East Valley in 2008. Jessie transferred to ASU from where she graduated summa cum laude in 2011, earning her degree in elementary education. She taught 5th grade for two years before becoming a stay at home mom.

It wasn’t until she reached motherhood that she decided to make her health and fitness a priority.  Jessie started exercising again when her daughter was 12 weeks old and fell in love with the idea of becoming physically fit while her daughter was watching.  Jessie’s new healthy lifestyle led to her losing 90 pounds during her first 16 months! Her transformation put her in the best physical shape of her life and was the driving force behind her desire to become a certified pre/postnatal fitness instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  Through her own fitness journey, Jessie truly found her passion in life – inspiring and guiding women to become the healthiest versions of themselves and she is honored to be able to continue her path at Fit Society.