Creative Director

I’ve lived in Arizona for 12 years and been married to my wife, Rachel, for 3. I’m on full time staff at a local church called Harvest East Valley, where I serve as the Director of Next Gen, which is a fancy way to say I’m responsible for the students and young adults. I’m also in graduate school, pursuing a degree that sounds like it belongs to a monk (Masters of Divinity @ Southern Seminary). Many moons ago, I was a soccer player and pole vaulter and I’ve always been active and enjoyed physical fitness. I never thought I would love olympic weightlifting as much as I do now, but I know I’m not the only one who has been pleasantly surprised by The FIT. From my very first exposure to Fit Society, I have known and experienced that it’s an organization on a mission to make people better together. I believe in that mission, and I’m happy to contribute.