Women’s Bootcamp Coach

Rebecca has a passion for empowering women to find their inner and outer strength and strives to do so in a safe and welcoming fitness community.  A certified trainer with a focus on prenatal and postnatal fitness, she coaches group classes with an emphasis on strengthening and supporting the female body.  She enjoys motivating clients to continuously push their limits and reach their individual goals and encourages them to discover and embrace their own healthy balance between family, career, faith and fitness.

Born and raised in a small town in South Dakota, Rebecca joined the Army right out of high school and later made her way to Arizona for college. Upon completing her undergraduate degree in Architecture and her MBA, she pursued a career in real estate development and taught classes at Arizona State University as an associate professor. As an Army officer with over 24 years of service, her passion for fitness stems from the rigor and challenges found within the military.  With a “work hard, play hard” mentality, you’ll likely find her sweating through a WOD or chasing after her kids with a Nerf gun in her free time. Rebecca owned and operated a fitness franchise in Chandler and Gilbert over the past several years, and is thrilled to continue to support women on their fitness journeys here at Fit Society.