You accomplishing your desired fitness results is our top priority! Our BTC – Body Transformation Challenge accompanied with the daily accountability, motivation, and guidance will ensure that you not only set a goal, but succeed and accomplish it! To date, our BTC’s alone have accounted for well over 10,000 pounds lost along with countless lost inches and bodyfat! Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you… it doesn’t change you!



1st Place Male – $500 | 1st Place Female – $500 | 1st Place Team – $500

Wednesday, January 2nd – OPEN ENROLLMENT

  • Non-Members: $150 per person – Includes UNLIMITED use Trial Membership from January 2nd – February 28th (2 months)
  • Members: $75 – Reduced to $50 if you refer in a non-member to sign-up for BTC
  • All participants will receive:
    • 30-minute 1-on-1 nutrition consultation with Nutrition Coach
    • Personal Meal Plan template
    • 5 Weekly accountability meetings/check-ins during BTC – every Wednesday 6p
    • One time 15% off Xendurance supplement purchase
    • One time 20% off Scratch Culinary meal service

Wednesday, January 23rd – OFFICIAL START / KICKOFF

Participants, make sure you have all of the following:

  • Starting measurements taken at FS & recorded in BTC binder.
  • Xendurance products – Multivitamin, Protein, pre/post workout, etc.
  • Plan of attack – Workout days and times at Fit Society
  • Kickoff 6p.  We will have vendors, samples, discounted products, Nutrition Seminar and more!

Wednesday, February 27th – BTC FINISH

Participants must have the following submitted NO LATER THAN 7PM – NO EXCEPTIONS:

  • Final statistics taken at Fit Society.
  • Email before and after pictures & testimonial detailing experience with Fit Society BTC in 1 SINGLE EMAIL to with BTC in the subject line.
  • Partners must have final stats, pics, and testimonials in on time to be eligible for prize purse – No Exceptions.

Saturday, March 2nd – RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT

  • #NOTSOcasualmile Event at The Casual Pint


RESULTS – BF% lost, LMT gained, weight loss/gained based on goal, inches lost/gained based on goal. All results will be judged on a % basis from start to finish to ensure a level playing field for all categories (individual/team/male/female/etc).

ATTENDANCE – Workouts completed at Fit Society during duration of BTC – effort and dedication by partners.

FITNESS – Did your team progress on your WODs over the 2 month BTC? Were you tracking WODs on Zen Planner to monitor progress? Did you increase reps, load, and lowering times on WODs?

SUPPORT – What partners inspired and encouraged others to be better? Who helped others be better in class through a kind word and/or gesture? Did you embrace the spirit of the BTC – making others better?

SOCIAL MEDIA – Who had a positively impactful Social Media presence? Did both partners consistently check into Fit Society? Did you and your partner like/share/comment on our posts to IG/FB? Use the hashtag #fsbtc2019 and @fitsocietyaz when posting your pics/videos/comments.

TESTIMONIAL – What type of effort did you and your partner put into recapping your BTC experience via your personal written testimonial?
***Some restrictions may apply. BTC entry fee is waived with any new membership.***

Kaitlyn Bauer

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Cassidy O'Sullivan

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