A little over 2 years ago I started at Fit Society.  My wife and I had moved to south Chandler and I was looking for a new place to work out.  I popped into Mountain Side and saw the same ol’ same ol’ – a lot of people sitting around and not much activity.  Then I tried out Orange Theory and thought this may be the answer – not so much.  The trainers didn’t care what my name was, never asked me what my goals were and the other people in the classes barely made eye contact let alone conversation.(for some this is the ideal place to train and I am not trying to put it down, just not my type of environment)

That’s when I stumbled onto Fit Society!  From the very first time I walked through the doors, I felt at home.  Each trainer welcomed me by my name, they walked me through a plan to meet my fitness and nutrition goals, introduced me to the other members in the studio and off I went.  I have always tried to stay in some sort of shape; I would run, bike, hike, play basketball and lift weights when I could.  The first few months at Fit Society made me realize a few things; 1) I was in REALLY poor shape(I couldn’t do 2 full pull ups), 2) working out with a group of like-minded people is very rewarding and successful not to mention REALLY fun, 3) trainers who REALLY care about your goals and you as a person make all the difference in the world, 4) having a place that fosters and encourages people to be competitive with themselves and other members REALLY ads to overall success and finally 5) there is never a time when I left Fit Society thinking “I REALLY didn’t get that much out of today’s workout” like other gyms.

My starting weight 2 years ago was roughly 225 pounds and my body fat was in the 30%+ area.  I mention this because success wasn’t overnight and once I did reach a certain goal, I still have to work hard to maintain the gains.  Success isn’t simple, quick or bountiful.  But what I noticed is that from the first day I walked in at the weight and fitness level I was at – it got better and more enjoyable.  The confusion of not knowing what a RDL or an “Atomic Pushup” faded, the Filthy 50 was something to look forward to try and improve on rather than avoid and the relationships I have made have deepened.

Queue the BTC!!!  This is my third BTC while at Fit Society.  The first one was a mess, I didn’t plan ahead, missed a ton of workouts and meals.  I pretty much just quit by the 2nd week.  A few more BTCs passed which I didn’t take part in feeling like it was a waste of time.  Then the partner BTC was announced.  Brendan Greenwood asked if I was interested in doing it with him and I thought why not, it couldn’t hurt.  By going over goals and knowing where we both wanted to see results, we held each other accountable and we both managed gains we had not experienced prior (thanks Brendan, you helped me out a ton).

With the confidence from the last BTC, this BTC I wanted to go all out and reach all the goals I could; 38 work outs in June, zero alcohol, one food cheat day (4th wedding anniversary), drop to 18% body fat and 185lbs.  My partner this go around was none other than Gilbert Meraz.  Days I wanted to miss a workout or go have a beer, Gilbert kept me on track.  Days I would put 45s on the barbell and think that was enough weight, Gilbert would add 2 more.  Days when I wanted to just finish a run, Gilbert would set a time to beat and get me there.  With him pushing me and opening my eyes to things I couldn’t see earlier, I met all my goals but one.  38 work outs in June – CHECK, zero alcohol in June – CHECK, healthy eating with only one cheat day – CHECK, drop to 18% body fat, how about 16% instead? – CHECK.  The only one I missed was the weight, but with the body fat decrease, I am more than happy to be at 187 pounds.  Thanks Gilbert, you are the man and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thankfully, my changes have led to others jumping in and giving this stuff a try.  My beautiful wife Amy walked into The FIT one day wondering why I had such deep affection towards a “gym”.  She didn’t see any treadmills or stair climbers, no weight machines or cables set ups…. she wasn’t buying it.  But after a little time with a few others who had seen results, mainly Sonya Greenwood, she decided to tryout the BTC with her.  They both kicked butt and the results have been truly amazing!!!(thanks Sonya!)

All of these great things would not be remotely possible without the people behind the scenes and rarely get mentioned – the staff.  The trainers are the oil that keeps the machine running.  Every day they are on stage giving it their all to make the members better.  They encourage, they coach, they workout with us, they listen and they laugh.  Thanks to every one of them, you are truly the best in the biz!

Here is to many great gains, achievements, success, smashed personal records and relationships in the future.