WOD is an acronym for Workout of the Day. We program and coach both a “FITNESS” and “PERFORMANCE” WOD daily.

FITNESS workouts are programmed for the beginner and intermediate exerciser in mind and consist of high intensity functional training combining weights and cardio. In a FITNESS WOD you will see longer in duration, station, and circuit based workouts programmed.

PERFORMANCE workouts are programmed with the intermediate to advanced exerciser in mind and consist of high intensity functional training as well as strength and conditioning principles. In a PERFORMANCE WOD you will see RX and RX+ options with top men and women scores posted on the whiteboard in each class.

**All class participants have the option to pick and choose which WOD (or parts of both) they want to do. Our coaches are there to help you scale and modify movement and loads accordingly to fit your individualized exercise needs/wants.

Regardless of which WOD you choose for the day, one thing certain is our Fit Society Team of coaches will continue to lead our group of like-minded members, that are all about being better today than yesterday, to the best of our abilities day in and day out!


Ladies only!  Our Women’s Only Bootcamp offers fun and challenging workouts by incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with safe and effective weight training.  Results-driven programming specifically addresses the female body, and are geared for women at every fitness level from the beginner to the experienced athlete.  You’ll receive the individualized attention and motivation to support your wellness journey.  Whether your goal is to shed baby weight, add lean muscle or reach new fitness goals you’ll be surrounded by a welcoming community of women.  With ideal class times for working and stay at home moms, kids are welcome to join you either in their stroller or within our children’s play area so there are no excuses to take an hour for you!


Orientation & On-Ramp is a class where all NEW members and trial members learn the foundations of success to ensure they are equipped and facilitated to achieve their fitness results.  We start with body composition and performance assessments, set goals based off those results and then begin the process of working with you on the foundational movements and skills unique to functional training.  Upon completion we review Nutrition Guidelines including quantity, quality, timing, and dietary support all designed to increase your nutrition IQ.  Attendance at Orientation will ensure you have all the tools you need to be successful in accomplishing your fitness goals.


Fit Society offers the most comprehensive and results packed one-on-one personal training program in the valley. Our trainers are certified, degreed, and experienced in getting individuals their desired results. With 1-on-1 personal training, our primary objective is to focus 100% on you while guiding, directing, and motivating you to guaranteed success. You’re first one-on-one personal training session with Fit Society is always free. Don’t take our word for it, come try it and experience the difference for yourself!


Food intake can determine up to 75-80% of your success when it comes to changing your body composition; especially with body fat loss and lean muscle gain. Knowing this we provide seminars held by educated Fit Society staff.  We have the expertise of Adam Petropolis our Certified Nutrition Coach to steer you clear from the growing epidemic of “infomercial and gym science”. During our Nutrition seminars, we use that time to take Q&A on anything from “are carbs bad” to “how do I really get rid of my belly fat”. Don’t know where to start?  A Nutrition Coaching program may be just for you!  Read more here…


Rachel’s #MobilityMatters sessions are topic and movement centered, i.e. improving your squat while utilizing multiple mobilization techniques that address key joints and tissues in the ankles, knees, hips, etc. Read more here…


Competitor Training is for advanced and experienced exercisers interested in Competition Training and pushing the bar of their personal fitness. This class requires a pre-screen for individuals to participate, i.e. if someone needs coaching on the movements or extensive “how to” prior to the workout, this isn’t a class for them as it’s not a traditionally supervised class. Rather, it is a set time for trainers and advanced exercisers to work out together in an organized and casual format at a high level.


We are always looking for opportunities to weave the habit of fitness into the DNA of household families. This is a great opportunity to bring your parents, brothers and sisters, or children to enjoy the Fit Society community for FREE every week! FUN is the theme with this workout. Cardio with obstacle courses, plyometrics, and other conditioning modalities will be center stage. Start the habit of fitness in your household with Fit Society.


We focus on pairing FUN and FITNESS to help your child excel in sports and life in general. This training is designed to progress kids and athletes to make them stronger, faster and most importantly improve their technique and movement and overall performance.

Pre-Teen in ages 12 & under Teen is ages 13 & over