“Eating those Oreos won’t make the kids stop whining,” said in the most loving and supportive way possible by my wonderful husband, Matt. Unfortunately, a phrase said more often than I like to admit in our house (all you moms I’m sure can relate) . The one thing you’ve got to know about me is that I have THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SWEET TOOTH. Actually, let’s just call it a “food tooth”, I never met a food I didn’t like. While I thoroughly enjoy working out, I know I can’t “out exercise” my dietary atrocities and it is and always has been my biggest obstacle to hurdle to achieve the lifestyle and physical results I’ve been yearning for. Let’s face it, the sleep deprivation and straight up insanity from having a 4 month old and a 3 year old doesn’t help either, I kept using them as excuses to not stay disciplined with exercise and diet. Enter: The Body Transformation Challenge WITH partners.

This was it. The opportunity I’ve been waiting for to change bad habits, make new good ones, and have someone to be accountable to along the way. I couldn’t have been more blessed and honored when I proposed to Jenn Morris to be my challenge partner and she said YES! And man did I luck out. Not only was she there at every single 5am workout with me, outside the gym she was constantly talking me down from the edge when I wanted to stress eat a sheet cake and relentlessly encouraging me to stay on track and stay strong. Her dedication to the workouts and more importantly diet was incredibly inspiring as well as made me feel insanely guilty if I let my partner down by cheating… it was a great set up. She was always uplifting and fun. Without her, I most likely would have given up after I fell off the wagon a few times. She had a huge part in my success and lucky me, I gained a wonderful friend in the process.

Oh my end, I knew I had to change what I was doing and the biggest part of that was learning how to eat well consistently, not just for a couple days a week and expect to see results. I also wanted to change the way I worked out and really challenge myself with higher weights to put on muscle and increase strength. Thanks to Brian for outlining a diet for me and adjusting it for my size, needs, and goals, I packed and prepped breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day for almost two months straight. I turned down dinner invitations, I brought my own snacks and lunch to kids’ birthday parties (eyes rolled from friends when I was eating my kale salad out of Tupperware in the corner and not eating the pizza that was served), I brought my own dinner to my parents’ house every Sunday for family dinner and passed on the dangerously delicious meals served there. I got frustrated when I didn’t see any changes for the first three weeks, but thanks to my husband and Fit Society members, they encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing, that results were around the corner; and they were! Because I was eating right, I was able to attempt weights I had never done before in my life and I tried my best to never miss a 5am workout that wasn’t a rest day. Brian, Lindsay, and MacKenzie pushed me and motivated me during class and it was always enough to crank out a couple more reps.

This challenge truly has transformed my body, but also my lifestyle. Never before have I prepped and planned ahead for meals like I do now. I realize that’s the secret to success. I never leave the house without my lunch box packed with snacks , meals, and tons of water so when I’m out and about with the kids so I don’t fall in to hunger traps and grab something naughty. As my husband says, willpower and discipline are muscles, the more you exercise them the stronger they’ll get. I’m not perfect and I had some cheats along the way, but WHOA… I am eating SIGNIFICANTLY different and better than I was two months ago and it has yielded tremendous physical results for me. I’m stronger, faster, have more energy…all things that make for a better and more fun mom of two crazy little boys!

P.S. Thank you Fit Society staff and members. My 5am group is what kept workouts fun and got me up at that crazy hour… I’m addicted to you guys and that class. It’s the highlight of my day and I’ve met so many wonderful friends! Especially Tracy King, who Jenn and I affectionately called “Coach.” He made sure we were up every morning, sending funny jokes, pumping up our egos, and setting the best example for “beast mode” in the gym. The wonderful trainers helped me keep good form, and pushed me when they saw I was letting up, and were awesome resources to ask questions… they’re the best in the world.

The biggest shout out goes to my husband, Matt and his UNRELETNING support and encouragement. He literally would smack a Hershey kiss out of my hand as it was going in my mouth around Valentine’s Day… all out of love of course. He would forfeit his own workouts to give me the time to do mine. He forfeited dinner dates or fun outings because he knew I needed to stay on track with my diet. He stayed up late to clean the house or help prep my meals so many nights while I went to bed because he knew I had to be up early to workout. My husband sacrificed as much, if not more, than me for this challenge just to see me succeed and achieve my goals. I love you, sweetheart!!!!!