#MobilityMatters with Coach Rachel

What is it?

Mobility vs. Stretching

  • Stretching is the lengthening of short/tight muscles.
  • Mobility is a movement based approach to addressing short/tight muscles and soft tissue/joint capsule restrictions.

Rachel’s #MobilityMatters sessions are topic and movement centered, i.e. improving your squat while utilizing multiple mobilization techniques that address key joints and tissues in the ankles, knees, hips, etc.

Did you know?

Joint and or muscle pain can be prevented and significantly reduced by performing daily mobility work on your body in addition to moving mechanically sound in your workouts. Spending as little as 10 minutes per day could mean all the difference in preventing a movement injury or pain you’re currently experiencing.

When are sessions offered?

Small group #MobilityMatters sessions are held on select Monday evenings.

Additional individual mobility and FMS (Functional Movement Screening) assessments are completed on an appointment basis. These individual assessments are the best way diagnose and then design programs to address your personal joint and muscle restrictions.

How much does it cost?

  • Monday #MobilityMatters drop-ins – $15 member/$20 non-member. 1 hour sessions.
  • Individual Mobility Assessment & Follow-up Session – $55

Have Questions?

Mobility Matters

Email for monthly schedule for dates, times, and topics. We’d love to help you move better and pain free!

Rachel is by far the best coach I’ve had! She listens to your needs and truly cares about making us better!

I’ve taken Rachel’s mobility class several times and every time I leave her class, I feel so…for lack of a better word…mobile! Haha! The stretches she has us do can bring instant results!  At the beginning of class she asks each of us what do we need specific help with.  We then respond with limitations we’re experiencing and by the end of class, 9 x’s out of 10, that limitation has been “loosened” if not remedied.  I love that the classes are specific to a particular area of the body; be it an upper body class, lower body class or full body.  I’ve taken them all and if you’re thinking about taking one, don’t think, just do it!  It’s so beneficial for our bodies even if we don’t necessarily feel “tight” or “stiff”.  And Rachel is by far the best coach I’ve had! She listens to your needs and truly cares about making us better!