Women’s Bootcamp

What is it?

The Women’s Only Bootcamp (WOB) at Fit Society is so much more than just a workout – we are a community of women where you will find support, encouragement, camaraderie and lifelong friendships. We’ve found that combining groups of women with similar goals for their health creates a magical environment.  We welcome women of ALL fitness levels and stages in life (prenatal and postnatal friendly) in a supportive and  judgment-free space.

What sets us apart from other fitness programs?

Our certified coaches will support you in reaching your goals and becoming healthier and happier.   Together we’ll focus on nutrition, working (and playing) hard, and keeping each other accountable.  Our 1 hour long HIIT and Strength Conditioning workouts are proven to burn more calories, increase stamina and shed more fat.  You WILL increase your strength, endurance and muscle tone without any gimmicks or shortcuts – just your own hard work and the support from your bootcamp tribe.

What is the schedule?

✔MWF mornings, 9:30a

✔MW nights, 7:30p

✔TTH nights, 6:30p

✔Saturdays, 8:00a

For more information regarding the Women’s Only Bootcamp at Fit Society:
Please contact Rebecca Wade:

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Women's Bootcamp

A good friend introduced me to Fit Society and their Women’s Bootcamp back in February. My friend knew I had been struggling with getting back in shape and on a healthy track. After swimming Division I in college, working for the US Army, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for most of my adult life, personal loss had led me down the path of emotional eating, drinking too much, and not working out with any consistency or motivation. I found myself discouraged and 20lbs heavier. I can honestly say that Fit Society has changed my life.

The Women’s Bootcamp, run by one of the most motivating individuals I know, and all the wonderful, encouraging ladies motivate and lift me up every time I go. When I first started Bootcamp was doing a 30 day challenge of whatever goal you wanted to set. I wanted to lose 4 pounds and come to class at least 4 times a week. Well, I loved class so much I came as often as my schedule would allow and found myself running on my own when I couldn’t make it to the gym. I started eating better because I was feeling better and because of the encouragement from the other ladies. I started to see results, which motivated me even further. At the conclusion of 30 days I felt 100 times better, stronger, and most importantly, happier. I had lost 10 lbs at the end of the 30 day challenge. If you’re looking for that extra motivation, encouragement, and sense of community support, Fit Society is the gym for you!

I met coach Rebecca a little over a year ago at a point in my life when I knew I needed a major lifestyle change. My self confidence in the way I looked and felt was very low. I was inactive with terrible eating habits and going to the “gym” was such a chore. I knew I needed a change, for my health and my mind. I wanted a better way of life and I wanted to be a healthy example for my daughter. The thought of starting a fitness journey alone, at square one, terrified me but after getting to know Rebecca, I knew this was the person I was meant to meet that would soon change my life. I completed an 8-week transformation course with Rebecca last spring and then continued my fitness journey enrolling in Women’s Only Bootcamp at Fit Society right after. While I was a bit intimidated the first time I walked in, my mindset changed very quickly. There’s something incredibly unique about Fit Society that I’ve never felt at any other gym. There is such a positive culture between the members, staff and the incredible group of women in the Women’s Only Bootcamp. I can confidently say, for the first time ever in my life, that I enjoy working out. Every class is different taking me outside of my comfort zone and I always leave with motivation to continue working hard. While I still have many more goals to reach, I’m proud of what I’ve done in just one year. I’ve overcome many challenges, learned so much and reached a 25 lb+ weight loss goal thanks to the support & teachings of coach Rebecca & Fit Society!  I never thought I could push myself physically and go so far out of my comfort zone as much as I have over the past year. I truly enjoy working out with & learning from women who are genuinely so supportive of one another!  Thank you Fit Society & coach Rebecca for providing a space for us all to be better versions of ourselves & inspiring us along the way.

It has been a little over a year since I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to do something for myself. I always thought I was an “active” person, but now looking back at it, I was the bare minimum. Once I got pregnant with my daughter in November of 2015 I let that be my “excuse” to not do anything. After giving birth, I became a stay at home & that was a huge adjustment for me. My normal was to be around people all day long & being on my feet for at least 8 hours a day. I became a hermit & had no desire to get out of the house or do anything for myself. My husband could tell I was struggling emotionally, physically & mentally, so he suggested I find a fitness program.  With much hesitance I decided to give it a try & it has by far been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The first day was so nerve wracking & I had to do things I hadn’t done since I was in Junior High, like run a mile and it took me almost 13 minutes (how embarrassing). Now I look back and I have come so far in a year. I now enjoy running & have ran in several 5ks & plan to continue that indefinitely. I have made some amazing friends during this journey & my life is filled with so much more happiness because of all of them. They keep me motivated every day & have been there to hold me accountable & just be my friend! I love being a member of the Women’s Only Bootcamp at Fit Society with Rebecca and my fellow moms.  It is not your typical gym & it challenges you every single class! I owe so much to Rebecca, she has changed my life in more ways than she will ever know & she continues to motivate me every single workout! I absolutely LOVE it here!